Softball A/B/Open

Liability & Code of Conduct  

Managers will agree to the liability and code of conduct when registering their teams.  

Any manager, coach or player ejected from a game, the following penalty will apply:
  • 1st offense:  current game, plus one additional game suspension
  • 2nd offense:  current game plus 5 additional games suspension
  • 3rd offense:  1 year suspension
  • Any time there is contact to the umpire: minimum 1 year suspension to maximum lifetime suspension


  • Rosters will be checked.
  • All players MUST be on the official online roster, and meet the eligibility requirements. It is the manager's responsibility to ensure all players are eligible and registered. Once rosters are frozen, no additional players can be added. No player may appear on more than one roster for the same event, regardless of age or division.
    • Any ineligible player will be removed from the tournament immediately. Games in which the ineligible player participated, will be recorded as a 0-7 forfeit. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • In the event of emergency or player injury, resulting in less than 8 players on the Official Roster, a team may petition the Tournament Director to add a player.  
      • Any petitions for roster additions must be received at least 2-hours prior to game time.  Petitions are not guaranteed. 
    • It is the Manager's responsibility to have his players' birth certificates in the case of any question regarding the age of his players. If questioned, failure to produce birth certificates will result in a forfeit.
    • See Softball Eligibility for age eligibility.

Rainouts & Cancellations

  • Rainout Line  636-537-4770  x2, x1
  • 3GG:  Full refund if the tournament is cancelled. No refund if two games are played. 50% refund if one game is played. 
  • 4GG:  Full refund if the tournament is cancelled. No refund if three games are played. 50% refund if two games are played.  75% refund if one game is played
  • Tournament Director reserves the right to shorten game times
  • If a tournament is cancelled by PVT for any reason other than weather, (i.e. not reaching the minimum number of teams in a division) those teams will receive a 100% refund of that tournament registration fee.  Teams may also choose to apply the refund to a future tournament.   
  • No refunds after registration closes.

CVAC Turf Field Rules (C,D,E & F Quads)

  • No Metal Cleats. Plastic molded cleats, turf shoes or tennis shoes are acceptable footwear
  • NO Seeds (sunflower or other) allowed on field, in dugouts or in spectator seating. 
  • Water only allowed in dugouts or on field. No Gatorade or other sports drinks.
  • NO Gum
    • No hitting nets or batting tools allowed on turf fields
    • No Smoking on or near the complex

Pregame Warm-Ups

  • FULL infield or outfield pregame warm-up is not permitted on the game field.  Teams should split the infield and outfield respective to their dugout side.  Ground balls should be hit from foul territory from behind 1B and 3B, players fielding the ground balls past 2B.  Please do not remove the batting cage nets or L-screens located in the cages or the soft-toss nets located by the game fields.  
  • ALL teams should be at the field 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game time.

Softball A/B Format

Game Times, Seeding & Mercy Rules

Game Length
  • 7 innings or 75 min. No new inning after 75 min
  • Pool games can end in tie

When time expires....

  • If home team is ahead, and batting: hard stop at time limit.  Score will be recorded as it is at the end of game time, and will not revert to the previous inning
  • If visiting team is ahead and
    • the home team IS NOT mathematically eliminated:  bottom of the inning will be completed‚Äč
    • the home team IS mathematically eliminated:  Score will be recorded as it is at the end of game time, and will not revert to the previous inning
  • If teams are tied:  finish the bottom of the inning
    • Pool play:  If game is tied after the bottom of the inning, game is recorded as a tie
    • Bracket & Championship:  PVT tie-breaker rule is in effect for extra innings, until a winner is determined.

PVT Tie Breaker Rule:  Runner on 2nd, 1 out

Complete Games
  • A game will be considered complete, if the Home team is winning after 2.5 innings played, or the Visiting team is winning after 3 innings.
Mercy Rules
  • 12 runs after the 3rd inning (2 ½ if home team is winning)
  • 10 runs after the 4th inning (3 ½ if home team is winning)
  • 8 runs after the 5th inning  (4 ½ if home team is winning)
  • If 5 run limit per inning, 6 runs after the 6th inning
Seeding & Pool Tie Breakers

  • Home Visitor
    • Pool-Play:  Home team will be determined by a coin flip.
    • Bracket-Play: Home team will be determined by the higher seed
  • Teams will be seeded after Pool-Play 
    • The higher seed in each tournament single elimination or championship round game will be declared the Home team for that game. Qualifying teams will be seeded from the highest seed to the lowest seed.  After seeding, qualifying teams will advance to the elimination round or championship round play.


  1. Best pool record
  2. Head to head winner (if more than 2 teams, move to #3)
  3. Fewest runs allowed
  4. Most runs scored
  5. Coin flip


  • Any team that forfeits a pool-play game will NOT qualify nor advance to the single elimination or championship round play. Games will be recorded as 0-7 forfeit.

Bat Restriction Rules

  • No drop restrictions.
  • Must have 2 ¼” barrel
  • Must meet USA requirements (Rule 3, Section 1) and bear the Official USA/ASA emblem.
  • Baseball bats are not permitted. Non-Approved Bat List
  • Bat violations during a game will result in an out recorded for that batter. Second violation during the same game will result in the ejection of that player and team's manager. Any third violation in the same game will result in that team forfeiting the game. Protests of bat rules MUST be done during the game (protest fee applies).

Protest Rules

  • All protests require a $100 fee with payment immediately at the time of the protest.
  • All protests can only be made to the PVT Tournament Director or UIC.
  • Protests can only be made for tourney rule violations, not umpire judgement calls.
  • Protests for violations of pitching and bat rules must be made immediately upon violation of those rules.
  • Protests for roster violations must be made before or during the game. If made after the game, they will be nullified.

All A/B Divisions will follow USA Rules with the following exceptions:

  • All divisions may start and finish game with 8 players
  • Option to Bat Full Roster
    • Player leaving early: roster will condense with no penalty
    • Player arriving late: added to the bottom of the roster with no penalty
  • Courtesy runner is permitted for the catcher and the pitcher (of the last defensive inning), or injured player. Courtesy runner is to be a "Sub" if not batting the roster, otherwise the player who made the last out.
  10U 12U 14U
Total Fielders 9 9 9
Max Runs Per Inning 5 unlimited unlimited
Illegal Pitches no yes yes
Stealing yes yes yes
Stealing Home yes yes yes
Dropped 3rd Strike yes yes yes
Infield Fly Observed yes yes yes
Lookback Rule yes yes yes
Metal Spikes no no no